Current Promotions

The following is a list of current Rebates and Promotions available to Pro Gas North Shore customers. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from installing or upgrading to an energy efficient product.

Also, check out the Fortis BC website for the latest BC residential Rebates, and then contact us to discuss your available options.

Rebate/PromotionCompanyAmount*End DateDetails
Pro Gas North Shore is not responsible or liable for any rebates from third party participating companies. Rebates can change at any time. *Maximum rebate amount available. Actual amount depends on product and installation options.

Fortis BC, Furnace Replacement Rebate Program

Fortis BC $800 Finished Details

Combined Space and Water Heating System Pilot

Fortis BC $1,800 Finished Details

EnerChoice Fireplace Rebate Program

Fortis BC $300 Finished Details

ENERGY STAR Water Heater Program

Fortis BC $1,000 Finished Details