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Disinfectant Fogger Machine

Get a Top Disinfectant Fogger Machine

Outdoor spaces are essential for well-being, and for providing a pleasant experience for their occupants. No matter if it is at home or in a business, enjoying a lovely time combined with the outdoor climate is priceless. However, with the contingency generated by the COVID-19, taking advantage of these environments has become a challenge.

Fortunately, some technologies allow, within the biosecurity measures, people to continue enjoying their patios and terraces. Among them, the best are the chemical fogging machines. If you want to re-create that unique space outside your home or business, you must know this fantastic product, and also know which one is ideal for you.

What is a Disinfectant Fog Machine?

These devices allow the diffusion of a water mist in the environment you select. Water is pumped from the main element (the motor), distributed around the outer space you have chosen. The product comes with diffusers, which will allow you to decide the places and the direction that the mist will flow.

To generate the disinfectant effect, add any liquid with this property, which is approved. Keep in mind that the concentrations recommended by the manufacturer of the cleaning agent must be respected. Once the system is running, it generates an integral atmosphere that firstly cools the environment in contact with the air. Besides, any microorganism, bacteria, or virus is neutralized.

Where Can You Buy a Top Disinfectant Fogger?

If you want to buy top-of-the-line electrostatic sprayers for your home or business, Cool-Off is your best choice. We have the most modern equipment in the country, with a quality that exceeds what is available. Our equipment uses state-of-the-art motors, which are more efficient, consume less energy, and make less noise than others. So, when you install and operate a fogging machine to disinfect purchased at Cool-Off, you will enjoy a pleasant, threat-free outdoor environment.

Which of Our Disinfectant Machines is Ideal for You?

To help you decide which one is ideal for you to buy, take a look at this comparison:

  1. RESIDENTIAL FOG AND SPECIAL EFFECTS KIT: This model is our residential option, with an extraordinary 200 PSI pressure. It has 20 premium nozzles, six triple head fog risers, and 100' of nylon tubing so you can distribute the fog as you please. Also, the kit comes with everything you need to install the system completely. The price is incredible, at only $795.
  2. HIGH PRESSURE MISTING & FOG SPECIAL EFFECTS KIT: A residential/commercial option with a very high level of customization since you can order up to 8 3-headed fog risers & 15 single risers. Its incredible engine is 1000PSI, silent and with a 0.6 GMP pump. It is ideal for disinfecting and setting up any space.
  3. COMMERCIAL FOGGING SYSTEM: this model will create an incredible atmosphere in any business. Its premium 1000PSI motor will allow you to maintain uniform fog intensity even at the furthest diffuser. It also has an excellent internal filtration system, three head foggers, and 12 single-head foggers.

Are You Ready to Get Your Disinfectant Fogger Machine?

If you want to reclaim your outdoor environment with this incredible technology, Cool-Off ready to make it happen. Enjoy the best air freshening & disinfecting products in the country, & free shipping to the entire continental USA. Call us if you need help finding the right product.

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Disinfectant Fogger Machine