Furnace replacement North Vancouver

Do you need a furnace replacement in North Vancouver? Look no further than ProGas North Shore. We have been servicing and installing furnaces since 1994.

What Services Do We Provide?

Our highly trained professional technicians offer services in the following areas:

Air Conditioning

Gas Fitting


Hot Water Heating

Indoor Air Quality


Outdoor Heating

We are an authorized Bryant Dealer and operate a firmly established business. We are familiar with several different brands and types of equipment and provide service from Deep Cove to Lions Bay. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provide you with a professional, fast, friendly service you can trust.

Do We Replace Furnaces?

We do furnace replacement in North Vancouver for our customers. We can install:



Forced Air Furnaces

Heat Pumps

Patio Heaters

Pool Heaters


All of our certified technicians are familiar with the latest in high-efficiency systems allowing us to provide you with the best available on the market. We choose Bryant products for our heating and cooling installations because they have quality products, are well known for their durability. We are authorized Bryant Dealers, and you can trust us to be honest and help you choose a system that is perfect for your home. Gas heating systems are efficient at heating homes as well as businesses and are associated with having lower costs than electric heaters.

We carry several gas furnaces and fireplaces. We also offer Cor Home Automation. Now you can control specific areas of your home environment from anywhere. You can access your thermostat, lighting, and home-security. This is done with optional equipment that is easy to use and customize. Over the air software upgrades make your system future-proof and expandable.

What Maintenance Programs Do We Offer?

We can offer annual and routine maintenance plans for your heating and cooling equipment. A lot of homeowners don't consider a maintenance plan for heating and cooling, but if you maintain your system correctly, it will last longer. We offer maintenance plans for the following items:



Forced Air Furnaces

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Hot Water Heaters


Hydronic In-Floor Heating Systems

Pool Heaters

Standby Generators

Your furnace replacement in North Vancouver will have recommendations on maintenance guidelines. Contact us at ProGas North Shore and inquire about our Comprehensive Annual Home Preventative Maintenance Plan. It is always easier to maintain your current systems than to make costly repairs. Maintenance will identify future concerns in advance.

We will also service and maintain your electrical generator. We neglect backup generators because we only think about them during a power outage. But when the power goes out, you want it to automatically turn on and keep your home comfortable. Make sure your generator is in excellent working condition. Let us inspect and provide the necessary maintenance.

How Else Can We Help?

We are always current on any rebates available to our customers. We offer promotions on our services regularly. Call and book an appointment today and see how we can help. At ProGas North Shore, we are your premier heating and cooling service provider since 1994.

Furnace replacement North Vancouver
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Furnace replacement North Vancouver
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Furnace replacement North Vancouver