Mister For Cooling

If you’re looking into the benefits of a mister for cooling off your outdoor spaces, Cool-Off is your source for quality products designed to meet your needs this summer. When the sun is at its most intense, during peak mid-day hours, your backyard may become virtually unusable due to UV exposure and high temperatures. You can beat the heat this year by purchasing one of our budget-friendly misting systems for sale online at Cool-Off. Set-up is easy, takes just an hour or two, and results in a much more comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Q: How do I select the right mister for cooling my backyard?

A: Our team from Cool-Off believes the best water cooling systems can be easily customized for any outdoor application. For this reason, the our misting systems for sale online come with multiple tube length and nozzle options, depending on your misting area. Select from 20-50 misting nozzles to create a cool oasis outside of your home.

Q: Will misting nozzles leave my guests wet?

A: Fine mist won’t leave your family and guests running for a towel; in fact, mist on a hot summer day will evaporate quickly, leaving everyone feeling much cooler and more comfortable when standing or sitting under the mist.

Q: How much should I spend on outdoor water misting equipment?

A: When you shop at Cool-Off, you’ll spend significantly less on equipment than on other websites. Our misting systems and accessories are discounted by more than 50% in most cases, with savings up to 70% off of regular prices. The fact is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find quality misting systems on the Web priced less than our products.

Q: Can I build my own mister from equipment found on Cool-Off?

A: You’ll find affordable water misting accessories and parts on our website to design and build a DIY misting system for any outdoor space, including patios, pool decks, BBQ areas, gardens, and other backyard locations. Reach out to our team for assistance choosing the right amount of tubing and number of nozzles for your set-up.

Q: Which mister should I purchase for a commercial business?

A: Our High-Pressure Misting Systems are ideal for all types of commercial applications; you’ll find a number of options when you click the ‘Misting Systems’ link and select High-Pressure Misting Systems from the menu. From there, it’s a simple matter of selecting how many misting nozzles you’ll need, from 40 to 140 misters.

Q: How else can I keep my family cool in the summertime?

A: Along with an affordable misting system, you can add an area of shade in your patio or outdoor space. Consider our oversized patio umbrellas, cabanas, shade sails, misting tents, and misting umbrellas for a shady oasis from the sun.

Q: Who can I talk to if I have questions about a mister for cooling?

A: Call a Cool-Off product specialist at 800-504-6478, chat with us using Web chat, or use our ‘Ask The Experts’ link found at the top of any website page.


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Mister For Cooling