Radon Remediation Saskatoon

Radon Remediation Saskatoon

We have a record of performing hundreds of radon tests in the past and know the radon invasion rate in most homes. There are three testing formats, including short-term, long-term, and continuous testing. Short-term testing is not convenient if you plan to keep the house for long, while long-term testing is suitable for longer-lasting properties. The constant tests give you an average every day; hence you may not need us to visit the site for procedural radon gas inspections in Saskatoon.

Overview of radon remediation in Saskatoon

Concern about radon

Radon is a group A carcinogen that causes cancer in humans after prolonged exposure. Many people seeking radon mitigation services have concerns for their health and family and business clients. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that the 4.0 pCi/L exposure limit is all one needs to have long-term exposure. The only way to know the volume of radon gas in your home is to get a technician to measure the atmosphere.

How common is radon in homes?

The survey indicates that four of ten homes have potential radon concentrations above the EPA guidelines' limit. Radon can be present in any home, with a higher possibility in families with a basement. The amount of radon present depends on the concentration of uranium in the soil beneath the house. Currently, we get increasing requests to test in homes, office buildings, and schools.

What is the process of radon testing in Saskatoon?

Short-term testing is the most standard type of test because we only need 48 hours to complete the job. We insert the radon detector on the lowest space in the home, such as the basement. The process starts with the closure of windows and doors to maintain a stable air space for accurate results. Recommended radon mitigation companies may use various kinds of detection services, including electronic systems that display real-time data.

Interpreting radon levels

Likely, a radon detection of less than 4.0pCi/L will also result in a value below the annual average limit. It is not necessary to mitigate the property when the number is too far below the 4.0pCi/L mark. A house that tests higher requires instant testing and retesting after mitigation.

Radon mitigation near Saskatoon SK

Science developed several techniques to mitigate radon with fast results. We are straightforward about our processes and install systems that withdraw radon from both the home and its sources. The reduction system has a plastic pipe that connects to the soil and continuously discharges radon to the outside. There are different radon mitigation ways in Saskatoon to match different types and levels of radon probability.

Why choose Vent Pro Mechanical?

The risk of radon is cumulative. Please do not panic and try a DIY project before calling our professionals to diagnose and test the property. You do not have to move out of the house when we have systems that will eradicate the highest radon levels and ensure long-term wellness. We advise you to consult us on mitigation and reduction strategies to give you the highest positive results. Contact Vent Pro ON 306-380-9161 for the best heating, ventilation, AC, and radon measurements and mitigation.

Radon Remediation Saskatoon

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Radon Remediation Saskatoon