Step Into the Future with CÔR™ Home Automation

Control your home systems with Cor Home Automation from Pro Gas North Shore

ProGas North Shore is now offering the CÔR™ Home Automation system, which is definitely the next step in home safety improvements.

What is CÔR™?

Technology has been taking giant leaps forward and the CÔR™ home automation system now enables you to make things easier at home. In essence, CÔR™ uses various technologies to help you keep tabs on your home through smart devices. Its user-friendly software allows you to set up automated schedules and receive event-based notifications.

What are some CÔR™ benefits?

The following just scratches the surface of the benefits to be gained from this product.

Anti-Break-In Technology:

The system includes motion detectors, breaking window-glass detectors and door sensors. These systems will notify you if they are tampered with or set off, whether you are at home or away.


The system employs security cameras equipped with motion-detection technology. Cameras will not only help capture possible break-ins but also help you keep an eye on your family at all times – just in case you have teenagers who like to throw parties when you’re not at home.


The CÔR™ Home Automation System takes full advantage of the internet to ensure you are connected. Any of your devices, including your smart-phone, will be sent a notification regarding issues at home provided you are connected to the internet. You can also see live feed of your home to stay informed.

Safety Sensors:

Water and smoke sensors will also be installed. This is so you are always made aware of a flood or fire at home. You can decide what to do, even when you are not home.

Remote Control:

Your lights, AC, and doors will be connected to the system. This means you can control certain functions of your home before you get there. You can set the temperature to a comfortable level and even turn on the lights. This feature also allows you to lock or unlock your doors – useful if a family member forgets their key.


Until now, most people have not been able to take full advantage of an automated home without signing a contract. The CÔR™ system can be self-monitored, so you don’t need to worry about an additional monthly fee. There is a monitoring option, but it is optional.

ProGas North Shore is offering clients the CÔR™ Home Automation system. Learn more about it here.