Find answers to some common questions about your gas installations and appliances. Have a question? Message us and we’ll get back to you with our advice.

Gas Fitting

Will my gas fireplace still operate during power outages?

Yes. Your fireplace has a standing pilot that is run off its own millivolt generator therefore during power outages, your fireplace will still run. Fireplace fans will not operate because they run on 110 volts but your flames will.

My fireplace logs are black and the flames are sooty

The burner is likely clogged with sand or embers from the fireplace, logs have moved, added too many new embers, water has gotten into sand and embers (gas log sets), blockage of main air intake, air fuel mixture incorrect.

I smell gas from my propane barbecue. What should I do?

If all connections are closed and sealed your regulator may need replacement. The regulator diaphragm is no longer functioning correctly, and gas is venting out the small air inlet on the regulator itself. Replace with new hose.

My fireplace pilot wont stay lit. What should I do?

The thermocouple is not getting a hot enough flame to keep valve open, dirty pilot or thermocouple needs replacement. We recommend service once a year to help prevent the unit from getting dirty.

My fireplace glass is turning white. What can I do?

This is a natural by-product of natural gas combustion. Carbon monoxide builds up over time and causes a white film on the glass. We recommend cleaning and servicing the unit every year.