Cleaning clogged ducts and vents

Cleaning Clogged Ducts and Vents

Do you have pets in your home, especially the long-haired, shedding kind? Are your kids having a ball getting their clothes dirty in summer playgrounds? Most of all, have you wondered why the house gets dusty right after you’ve vacuumed, or why your dryer takes so long to finish its cycle?

If you answered “Yes!” to those questions, it may be time to call on ProGas North Shore to inspect and clean your furnace ducts and dryer vents.

We know it’s hard to think of those chores in the middle of a hot dry summer but, in fact, one of the best times to get the jobs done is between midsummer and Labour Day – before you need to use the furnace on cool evenings and before you run into trouble with a malfunctioning dryer.

Ask your friends and family about whether or not duct and vent cleaning is necessary and you are bound to hear conflicting advice. So to help you sort out the answer, ProGas North Shore promises the professional opinions you are given by their trained personnel will not only be the latest information available, it is supported by data gathered by reliable organizations such as the US/Canada National Fire Protection Association and by your local North Shore Fire Departments.

Furnaces and air-ducts

A clean, well-maintained furnace system is not only more economical to run, it is healthier for you and your family – especially for those who may have allergies, asthma or Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD). Although your vacuum may pick up the dust you can see, it does not remove the tiny particles of dust, dander and debris that slip unseen into the ducts through the vents in your floor. So over time, and depending on the distance from a given room to the furnace, those particles will accumulate in, collect bacteria and/or be re-circulated through ducts that are as long as 20-30 feet or more.

When called on at regular intervals, ProGas has the equipment and expertise to prevent that from happening.

Dryer Vents

“The leading cause of home dryer fires is failure to clean them.” NFPA

Here again, a well-maintained dryer is more economical to run, easier on your clothes and bedding and, most important of all, safer for you, your family and your home.

Failure to clean the lint trap after every dryer load not only means laundry will take longer to dry, excess lint will back up into the dryer vent and, eventually, make its presence known at the vent opening on the outside of your house.

Long dryer ducts aren’t easy to clean. So why not call ProGas, they have the equipment to do the job.