Calcana Patio Heater PH-40HO

Pro Gas North Shore offer a range of Calcana patio heaters for Vancouver residential and business customers.

Experience a Calcana Heatwave on your patio today!

Design features include…

Safely enclosed flame

The flame is protected from wind and is located inside the Low Intensity Infrared Emitter Tube. This tube captures heat energy contained in hot flue gases and turns the energy into comfortable HEAT waves.

Low clearance to combustables

Can be safely installed in locations with awnings.

Slim, narrow dimensions

Easy to install in narrow, low overhead clearance locations; suitable for long, narrow street side patio locations.

Overhead design

No floor space is lost as units hang from existing trellis or other overhead structures. Units can also mount to walls at an angle.

Variable input burner

Patent pending, variable input design provides the right level of heat output for each location.

Four lengths to choose from

5, 10, 15 & 20 foot lengths are available. Multiple units can be grouped together to achieve any length required.

Certified for outdoor and indoor applications

Units are design certified to operate in outdoor environments, which include wind, rain, snow and temperatures as low as –40°F. For indoor applications, the units can be safely vented through the wall or roof.

Easy-light ignition system

No pilot lights to ignite by hand, no valves to turn, no thermocouples to replace. By using a reliable, 3-Try, direct spark, electronic, 100% safety shut off, ignition system, units safely and consistently operate in all types of weather with the flick of a switch.

Local or remote control

Heaters can be operated remotely, or controls can be located on the units.

Low maintenance

No ceramic parts to break, or replace. No thermocouples to replace. Emitter tubes do not glow cherry red, therefore are not fatigued to the point of premature failure.

Economical to operate

Highly efficient reflectors capture the radiant energy, and direct it to the patio area. Heats more area with less fuel than any other style of patio heater.

Heavy duty construction

High quality materials & workmanship eliminates metal fatigue and reflector warp or separation. Stainless Steel options are available.

Natural gas or propane

Units available for use with either fuel.

Numerous applications include:

  • Restaurant Patios
  • Residential Patios / Decks
  • Golf course / Driving ranges
  • Night Club / Bar line-ups
  • Ski Lift areas
  • Doorman / Valet areas
  • Smoking areas
  • Swimming Pool / Hot Tub areas
  • Anywhere people gather outside