High efficiency Energy Star rated gas fireplaces

Here at ProGas North Shore we specialize in the service and replacement installation of gas fireplace inserts in North Vancouver. Gas fireplaces are an excellent addition to any home as they are easy to use and maintain and do not require any wood to burn. Gas fireplaces run off of natural gas or sometimes propane so they can be turned on at the push of a button rather than trying to light a fire with wooden logs and kindling.

Gas fireplaces also give off 99% less particle emissions than wood burning fireplaces which emit smoke and soot into the air within your home. Particles in the air can be damaging to your lungs and can cause eye and throat irritations. Our capable technicians can outfit your current wood burning fireplace with gas inserts in order to convert it into a gas burning system. Gas fireplaces will run during power outages and the gas line will immediately shut off if the pilot light goes out which makes these systems very safe to use.

We are trained to service all major brands, from high efficiency Energy Star rated models equipped with remote controls to basic conventional models. Contact us today to book your free estimate with one of our qualified technicians.

For insert replacements we specialize in the following trusted local brands:

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