Heating & Cooling Control Systems

Evolution® Connex™ Control

Experience the luxury of touch control for your whole home

The Evolution Connex Control makes comfort control easier than ever before. This system is capable of controlling all of the comfort levels within your home including the humidity, ventilation and zoning. This technology is now found in all of Bryant’s highest-efficiency Evolution products. There are many benefits to this user-friendly control screen; the system comes equipped with intelligent energy-management features such as:

  • A full-color touch-screen that can display a customizable screen saver
  • Smart, low-energy programming that will save you money all day and night
  • 5-day local weather forecast
  • Perfect Heat® technology that will significantly reduce temperature fluctuations
  • Perfect Humidity® technology to provide you with optimal cooling comfort
  • Hybrid Heat® system management
  • Compatible with many types of humidifiers, ventilators and air purifiers
  • Equipped with four fan speed levels that you can program for different periods through the day
  • Never worry about forgetting to turn your system on/off while you’re away thanks to 7-day advance programming with wake-away-home-sleep and vacation modes
  • Wi-Fi remote access capability that allows you to program and change controls from virtually anywhere (SYSTXBBECC01-A and SYSTXVVECW01-A only)
  • The system automatically switches between heating and cooling
  • Handy pop-up reminders let you know when you need to clean or change your filter and also when your system is in need of repairs
  • Manage up to 8 different zones within your home for optimal comfort levels everywhere
  • When zoning, the system measures, displays and adjusts each zone’s airflow
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon registration

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