Stay Cool This Summer With Ductless Air Conditioning

Stay Cool This Summer With Ductless Air Conditioning


If you’re from Vancouver you’ve probably noticed that many residences in the city do not come with AC units installed. Air conditioning units are more prevalent in detached homes than in condos and apartments however, they are often old and very outdated. Why is it that the majority of residents in this city live without air conditioning, even in the hot summer months?

We can only imagine all the Vancouverites who are at this very moment standing in the open door of their refrigerator, desperately trying to cool off while their apartment gets hotter and hotter. We think that the reason for this lack of air conditioning is due to a combination of price as well as our typically mild climate. AC is often viewed as a luxury and is thought to be too expensive to install and run during the summer, this is enough to deter most people who are living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

In addition many people justify their lack of AC because Vancouver normally only gets a good 2-3 months of hot weather here in the city. Unfortunately, that ends up being 2-3 long, hot and uncomfortable months.  Have you ever tried to sleep in a stuffy, hot, room? We think that being comfortable in your home, at any point in the year, is worth the investment of an air conditioning unit.

Our team at Pro Gas North Shore has a great solution for you – ductless air conditioning units! You no longer have to install a central AC unit to get relief from the heat; one of our favourite solutions is a ductless AC unit. These units are small enough to be placed in any room of your house but work well enough to keep you cool all summer long. Typically called split system units, these are reminiscent of the AC units you see sticking out of windows in old TV shows and movies.  However, Ductless AC units have gotten a huge upgrade as technology advances; they’re much smaller, less expensive, easy to install and work much better than their older counterparts.

Traditional duct dependant AC units lose up to 30% of their energy through leaky ducts that adds up to huge losses throughout the summer however; ductless units do not have this problem, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. Don’t suffer through another summer in your sweltering condo.

Contact us at Pro Gas North Shore today to get a free consultation; we will happily install your very own Ductless AC unit so you can take back your space!