Beyond Summer: Why a Patio is not Just a Summer Place

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Most of us associate our patios with spring and summer, and might think spending time on a terrace in the winter is impractical (and way too chilly!). But that’s not necessarily true—these tips will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces in the cooler months.

1. Bring on the Heat(ers)

One thing you want to do is to ensure your patio is warm and toasty when you’re sitting out there. This is where an outdoor heater comes in. The Sunpak TSH emits enough heat to make a patio comfortable for you and your family. There are also other outdoor heaters to choose from!

2. Fire it Up

Another option is to install an outdoor gas fireplace that friends and family can gather around to enjoy. Even if it’s snowing outside, this makes it possible to bundle up, get cozy and enjoy the evening flakes.

3. Layer it On

Placing alpaca wool or fur throws and blankets, as well as throw pillows, over your patio chairs and sofas will help make your terrace a more inviting space in the cooler months. Along with a space heater or gas fireplace, these will provide endless comfort and warmth.

4. Play Games

Installing a good outdoor heater or gas fireplace will make many of the activities you want to indulge in possible. You can cosy up in your patio chair and read a good book while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. Or, invite your friends over to play a few rounds of your favourite board games.

Most people in North Vancouver, B.C. would admit that the winters can be spectacular. There is no reason you, your family, or friends should miss the majesty of the winter when you have access to effective outdoor space heaters. As you can see, the patio is not just a summer place because, with the right accessories, it can transcend the seasons.