Reduce Your Heating Costs This Winter in North Vancouver

Winter Heating Repairs & Maintenance in North Vancouver

As winter approaches in North Vancouver, residents begin to worry about their energy bills hiking. The good news is that there are a few simple things that you can do to save on heating costs in the colder months even if you have your heat turned on! Read on for a few tips that will help you save:

Winter Heating Repairs & Maintenance in North VancouverInsulation

A house in North Vancouver that is properly constructed should have efficient insulation. However, stepping up your house insulation even further will help you save on energy bills. To check if your house is properly insulated, look for any entries where light seeps in. If light can come in, it means that air can come in and escape, reducing the efficiency of your heating system. Take a step to insulate any gaps that you find. Also, it helps to use heavy curtains to cover your windows for added insulation.

Reset your Thermostat

Just because it got chilly doesn’t mean that you have to set your thermostat to a high temperature. You can actually keep your thermostat settings at about 19 or 20 degrees and still get enough warmth from your heating system. However, it is important that you select a degree of heat that you are comfortable with and stick with it the whole season. Regular tampering with your system will only lead to increased costs as the temperature adjusts.

Have Your HVAC System Checked

Check your air filters for dirt and debris and have them replaced regularly. Also, check your vents to ensure that they are running efficiently and are not clogged with dust, debris or hair. If you notice any problems in your HVAC system, have them fixed as soon as possible to get your system back to normal efficiency.

Reduce Hot Water Temperature

Water heaters tend to be very stubborn, they can really take their time when it comes to heating up. But this can also be an advantage when it comes to saving money. Turning down your hot water heater by even 5 degrees could significantly help you save on energy costs and you won’t really notice the difference.

Take Advantage of the Sun

During the day, when the sun is up, ensure that all curtains facing the sun are open and all other curtains are closed. This helps you trap free heat and energy. However, if this tip is going to work, you have to remember to close the curtains up as soon as the sun goes down. You don’t want all your efforts to go down the drain by losing the trapped heat as the temperature outside drops.

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