Upgrading Hydronic Heating Systems

Why Upgrading Your Hydronic Heating System is Important

The hydronic heating system is one of the most effective heaters out there that uses steam to heat up your home. The system is preferred for several reasons, such as its consistent distribution of heat and its ability to humidify the air, which is necessary at times. There is no denying the benefits, but the appliance does have an expiration date. The hydronic heating system usually hits that mark after 10 to 15 years of use. This is why a professional upgrade is recommended to extend the system’s life, especially after 15 years of use.

Why do you Need an Upgrade?

The hydronic system circulates hot water through various pipes. These pipes lead to baseboard convectors or radiators that are located in different parts of a home. The heated water is pushed through the fan coil system where the steamed air is compressed and forced through ducts to heat up your home.

Now, it is important to note that all of these components are coated to make sure they are protected against corrosion, but the problem is that the coating does not last too long. Keep in mind that corrosion occurs when oxygen, chloride, and sulphide are present, which are within the system. A high temperature and a certain pH value is needed as well.

The corrosion or oxidation that takes place in a hydronic heating system is referred to as electrochemical corrosion. It occurs because the pressurized dry gas creates enough energy to oxidize the metal using some of the compounds flying around the hydronic system, like oxygen.

What Happens During the Upgrade?

The upgrade will require a visit from a professional. He or she will visit your home and assess the hydronic heating system’s current state. The assessment is meant to provide the specialist with enough information to give the homeowner optimal solutions.

Some of the quotes might seem a bit high for some of the solutions, but this needs to be weighed against the benefits of upgrading, which elongates the longevity of the system and helps save you money in the long run.

Of course, it is important that you contact trained professionals like Pro Gas North Shore who have enough experience to perform the upgrade correctly. You don’t want to risk dealing with possible issues. Experienced specialists will be familiar with many brands like Carrier, Goodman, Hayward, Heil, IBC, and ICG, just to name a few.