Your Hot Water Heater Guide

Navies NPE 240A Hot Water Heater
Navies NPE 240A Hot Water Heater
Living without hot water because the water heater is broken is not fun. We doubt that any members in your household are fond of cold showers and cold water to wash dishes with. Fortunately, there are several types of hot water heating options on the market these days. Even better news is that the latest models of hot water heaters are extremely energy efficient, saving you big money over the years!

Conventional Water Heaters

These are the common storage tank heaters that most people have in their homes. They usually hold between 20 and 80 gallons of water. The mechanism is simple: cold water comes into the tank and is heated to a certain temperature that the unit maintains. Because of this, hot water is available right away when it’s needed.

The good thing about conventional hot water heating systems is that they’re less expensive right off the bat than other heaters. The cons include the amount of energy that’s wasted to keep the water at a certain temperature; as well as the unfortunate fact that if someone uses up all of the hot water in the tank you’ll have to wait a while for more hot water.

Tank-less Water Heaters

These water heaters don’t store water. When hot water is needed, cold water flows into the unit, is heated and then flows to the outlet. This makes them much more efficient than the conventional type of hot water heater and keeps hot water always at hand. A bonus is that they are often compact enough to be installed on a wall in the room where they’re used, giving you extra storage space in your utility room! These systems frequently qualify for rebates from FortisBC for their energy-saving qualities so you might receive some money back after switching!

The drawback of tank-less water heaters is that they’re more expensive to purchase than conventional heaters. However, since the heater only runs when you need hot water rather than 24/7 you end up saving money in energy costs every year.

Combination Water Heaters

Combination systems use heat pulled out of the air to warm up your water as well as your home, making them very efficient and cost effective. In fact combination heaters have an average 90% efficiency rating. A typical household can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating bills by installing a combination heater. The drawback is that they require more space around them for proper airflow and they can be pricey. Many of these systems qualify for rebates from FortisBC though so you could end up saving a lot of money by making the switch!

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