Maintenance for High Efficiency Boilers & Hot Water Heaters

Don’t Neglect Your High Efficiency Boiler or Hot Water Heater

High efficiency boilers and hot water heaters are meant to work all year, providing homes with all the hot water they might need, but this does put some strain on the appliance. It is important that homeowners do not neglect annual maintenance, especially since most warranties will not be honored if maintenance is neglected.

What Might Happen if Maintenance is Neglected?

Water heaters and boilers may last around 10 to 15 years though good maintenance might help prolong their lives. It should be noted that homes that have hard water might experience premature issues, meaning that maintenance might be needed sooner.

Maintenance helps prevent issues or repair costs. Small repairs could cost around $500, but bigger issues that result from negligence can go up to $800 to $1200. This means that maintenance is an investment in your home rather than an expense.

The following are some additional consequences of failing to address water heater or boiler issues early, in addition to costly repairs:

  • Total system shut down
  • Water leakage, which could lead to water damage
  • Overconsumption of energy

Of course, these are just some of the outcomes of failing to talk to your water heater or boiler maintenance specialist, but there are others. Keep in mind that it is important to talk to effective repair specialist like Pro Gas North Shore who have experience and can work on the top brands like the following:

Important Maintenance Checks

  • A.O.Smith
  • Airco
  • Amana
  • American Standard
  • Armstrong Air
  • Baxi

There are many problem areas that a good maintenance specialist will focus on like the temperature pressure relief valve. This area is prone to leakage, and it needs to be checked every visit.

Mineral deposits or sediments must be flushed out when necessary. These sediments can give water a bad smell and insulate the appliance. A water heater or boiler that has too many sediments will not work efficiently. For one, it will heat water for longer periods of time, meaning that more energy will be used each time. This also puts stress on the machine, which could lead to costly issues. An appliance with too many sediments might also expose a home to heavy metals, which makes it harder for soaps, detergents, and shampoos to dissolve.

There is no doubt that the right maintenance team will help ensure that you do not have to pay for unnecessary expenses.