Patio season and outdoor heaters

Outdoor Patio Heaters

Another winter is winding down in North Vancouver, BC. You don’t have to wait until warmer weather to start thinking about grilling your favourite BBQ dish on the patio. Start grilling now!

All you have to do is invest in an outdoor heater so that you can grill and enjoy your patio whenever your heart desires.

What to Look for in Outdoor Heaters This Season

The first thing you should know is outdoor heaters are not meant to keep your patio at a certain temperature but rather control the temperature as much as possible. You might feel a little cold, but it should be bearable, and you should still be able to have a little fun.

A patio heater is similar to a camp fire, which can keep you warm while camping. The difference is that you do not have to worry about heavy smoke, which can make sitting on your patio simply unbearable. You also do not have to worry about an excessive amount of ashes.

One thing you should consider is the type of heater that you want. For example, some heating units use propane. Propane heaters are perhaps the most mobile types of heaters because they do not need plumbing or electricity.

Some heaters use natural gas. This is an effective type of heater, but it will need to be installed by a technician who is certified to install heating units. You will also need to check with Fortis BC to request a natural gas service if you do not already have a line installed at your location. Our preferred patio heater is the Calcana Patio Heater, which runs off of either natural gas or liquid propane.

The last type of heater is perhaps one of the most popular because it uses electricity. The reason most people use this kind of heater is because it produces zero emissions, which is quite eco-friendly. Some electric heaters were built to be energy-efficient, which makes them even more eco-friendly and should end up saving you money on your energy bill.

The next thing that you may want to think about is whether you want a full-size heater, standing heater, or a table top heater. Some heating units can be easily mounted on a ceiling or a wall if you need this convenience.

In short, there are many options available to you, including gas fire places for the BBQ season. Hopefully, these points help you find the right outside heater for your patio. You should know that ProGas North Shore is always there to answer any questions that you may have. You can also visit their extensive outdoor heating section to see a few of the possibilities.