What you Need to Know About SEISMIC Safety Valves

North Vancouver Earthquake Safety

The chance of an earthquake happening in B.C. is more than a possibility as many have predicted one for some time. It is likely that you have already taken some precautions like setting up a safe meet-up location for your family, but you should also consider SEISMIC safety valves.

What is a SEISMIC Safety Valve?

This valve is placed between the gas outlet and the connector. It is not a complicated gadget and does not require much to stay running. The safety valve will spring into action if there is a seismic shake, which will have to be greater than 5.2. A seismic disturbance lower than this is relatively safe. Any number greater than the quoted number will release the valve, which will stop the gas from flowing.

Why is This SEISMIC Safety Valve so Important?

This safety precaution is very important, especially during an earthquake, but it is rarely considered. There are two main reasons why homeowners should install this safety valve.

For one, you want to make sure there is no gas leak during the earthquake. This can be dangerous because if you become trapped in your home, there is a chance you might asphyxiate. Gas, in concentrated areas, can replace the oxygen in the air that can cause you to choke.

Of course, most people know that gas leaks also put you, your family, and your property in danger of a fire. Leaked gas may combust spontaneously if there is a sudden spark or if a fire is started. This could lead to an explosion.

It might not seem like this little device could be so valuable, but it has the power to save your life and the life of your loved ones. It could also save you thousands of dollars in repairs because it may prevent a fire.

Keep in mind that this valve can be easily turned off, but it can only be done manually when you know the earthquake has passed and the danger is over. This feature was integrated for your own safety.

Be sure to contact ProGas North Shore with any questions that you may have about the SEISMIC Safety Valve or setting up an appointment to have it professionally installed, which should give you peace of mind.