Natural Gas Barbecue Lines – Make Your Garden Events Stress-Free

Natural Gas Barbecue

Warmer days are returning and there is no better time to get your garden ready for fun. A feature many BBQ enthusiasts dream of having are natural gas lines that run straight to their BBQ.

Here is everything you need to know about making the switch:

How do They Work?

In a nutshell, they work by connecting natural gas to the outdoor grill. You will need an extra natural gas line that leads to your patio, or you will need one to be installed. This must be done by a professional!


Right now, you probably have a BBQ that uses propane, which means refilling or replacing the tank every time the fuel runs out. This can add up if you count the amount of times you need to replace it. All that cash could go back in your pocket; you can buy more meat if you opt for a natural gas barbecue line.


Propane and especially charcoal emit by-products that are not always good for you. Yes, natural gas does give off some by-products too but it is the cleanest option. This makes natural gas cooking the best for those who are worried about their health.

Less Setup

If you BBQ with charcoal, for example, you likely spend more time preparing the BBQ before you can actually start cooking. You can use natural gas BBQs whenever you want, making your cook-outs a breeze.

Choose Your Spot

This important point means designating a place for the natural gas option. The piping to the BBQ is not flexible, so you need to choose a location you are happy with, and then have your natural gas connector installed. You can also re-arrange your new BBQ area to suit your needs, like adding outdoor countertops for example.


Keep in mind that, like other gas BBQs, the smoky taste many grilling enthusiasts love will not happen when using this type of BBQ. To get that taste infusion into your food when using your natural gas-powered BBQ, you will need to buy a smoker box that heats up pieces of soaked wood while you are cooking.

Those interested should contact ProGas to book a no-obligation consultation to find out more about installing a natural gas line to make your BBQ cookouts more efficient.