Extend your pool time with a pool heater this year!


Swimming pools are not just for these incredibly hot summer afternoons on the North Shore. Here are some reasons that why you need to have a pool heater:

Make a Better Splash with a New Pool Heater

You can maximize your families use and extend your splash time by heating your pool. We all hope the summer months stay nice and hot, but here on the North Shore, well we know the air temperature can quickly change. You should never be caught by surprise jumping into a chilly pool first thing in the morning or later in the evening when the sun goes down. So instead of spending all that time and energy opening and maintaining your pool, only to hear the kids say “dad it’s too cold to swim”, install a pool heater that will give your family extra hours poolside.

Enjoy a Comfortable Swim at Any Time of the Day or Night

Not everyone is home during those peak hours of the day when temperatures are at their highest and the sun is at its strongest. In fact, there’s a good chance that some of the best moments you’ll have in your pool will take place when the sky is slipping into dusk or dawn. These also happen to be the times when pool water can turn a little bit chilly. Add a Raypak gas heater that will deliver smooth heating performance. This heater is designed to stay protected from debris and natural elements in your yard. What’s more, it offers a very low-profile design and is easy to use. The Raypak pool heater is the ultimate way to banish goosebumps, shivers and anything else that can stand in the way of a perfect pool experience.

A Predictable Pool Temperature Is Important for Hosting

Nothing is worse than inviting company over for some fun by the pool and discovering that your guests are shivering because the water is too cold. Having a pool heater can give you the confidence of knowing that your pool is always ready for company. Your guests will certainly be impressed by the luxuriousness of swimming in a pool that’s just the right temperature.

With a good pool heater you may also be able to enjoy a little more pool time earlier in the season and then into the fall when you have a way to keep that temperature inviting to the whole family.