Booking your furnace & hot water tank service

Booking Your Furnace Hot Water Tank Service

When the spring rains finally ended this year, you likely considered having your gas furnace and hot water tank serviced…but then, before you knew it, there was the heat of summer 2017 and you became more aware of your BBQ and air-conditioners.

Now, with kids returning to school after Labour Day, and the clock poised to revert to Standard Time on November 5th, you have time to think about what needs to be done before the chilly weather ahead.

One important ‘must-do’ is to book that service and maintenance appointment with ProGas North Shore – there’ll never be a better time than now.

Gas Furnace:

The key to a long and reliable life for your gas furnace is professional service and maintenance by certified technicians. The last thing you want is for the furnace to die in the middle of a cold spell – in part, because that’s when everyone else in the same predicament will set our phones ringing off the hook.

Worse still, as with any other gas-fired appliance, insurance companies and the BC and Canadian Fire Safety associations will tell you that one of the most important reasons to have your gas furnace serviced by a professional is to check for possible carbon monoxide leaks. Known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is odourless yet can fill the room while you sleep. The technicians at ProGas North Shore can make sure you and your family will never be the subject of those headlines.

Hot water tank:

Even though you turned on your cold water taps until the water ran clear again after your municipality flushed out the local water utilities, fine sediment may still have settled at the bottom of your hot water tank. In order to maintain the tank in good working order, it should be drained and checked at least once a year.

You may feel you can do that without professional help. But are you able to safely check the temperature pressure valves, filters, gas input jets and all the other sensitive parts that, working together, provide you with reliable, year-round hot water?

Why not leave these service and maintenance jobs to the professionals at ProGas North Shore? Our certified technicians are trained to do the work quickly, safely, affordably … and we leave the work site clean and tidy when we’re done.