Don’t give up the BBQ just yet!

patio gear

Don’t pack away the patio gear! – There’s still time to enjoy your gas BBQ! 

Summer daylight hours are winding down but the weather forecast shows nothing but sunshine well into mid-September. That means you, your family and friends can still enjoy patio fun even if the kids are back in school.

Part of that fun, of course, is to simplify the evening meal. So, stay clear of your stuffy kitchen, fire up the gas barbecue and match one or two new recipes with fresh summer salads of locally-produced greens and follow that up with mouth-watering, nutritious, BC-grown fruit for dessert.

If you’re stumped for something different to grill on the BBQ, here are a few ProGas ideas that go beyond hot dogs or just ‘throwing a steak on the barbie’…

Spicy chicken or fish skewers for four (or more)


4 portions of chicken (thighs or breasts) or fish (salmon or halibut) cut to skewer size

Spices to taste and a large bowl of your favourite fresh salad greens tossed with a vinaigrette sauce.


Spice Mix:

2 Tsps. pepper (lemon pepper is especially tasty on the fish)

1 Tsp. each of ground basil, sage and paprika to taste

1/2 Tsp turmeric or sea salt



Place chicken or fish in a medium-size bowl. Brush lightly with avocado oil. Mix spices in a sealed bag and shake over the meat making sure all sides are coated. Refrigerate overnight if you have time. Otherwise, just thread meat/fish onto a BBQ skewer (pre-soaked bamboo or metal as you wish) and cook over medium-high heat, turning until all sides are cooked through. (Depending on portion size and your gas BBQ, this can take anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes/side.)


Grilled asparagus and/or Peaches & Cream Corn

Pre-heat your gas BBQ to high. Select enough asparagus spears or baby Peaches & Cream corn cobs for your group. Spray them (the veggies not your friends ☺) with avocado oil, or the high-heat oil of your choice, sprinkle with pepper and a tiny bit of salt, lay them on the grill. Turn once or twice for 2-3 minutes and Presto! You have a great side dish for your entrees.


Well, you’re feeling lazy, right? But you still don’t want to sell your family short on nutrition. So what could be better than to offer everyone napkins and a large bowl of ripe and juicy peaches grown just a few hours away in our beautiful Okanagan Valley?